NachoQuest – The Pickled Parrot

nachos pickled parrot Nachos from The Pickled Parrot (3020 Elliott St., Canton) come with chili, tomato, black olives, jalapenos, cheese and sour cream for 8 bucks. And according to the bartender, you can add chicken for another 3 bucks (though it doesn’t say so on the menu). Plus, if you’re there on a Saturday between 4-7pm, they’re half price.

These particular nachos are …ok I guess. I love the chips they come on – they’re toasted, not salty, and there are plenty of them. The toppings are many and there was no shortage of them… except cheese. There was hardly any cheese at all. Barely any. You can see pretty plainly in the picture that the majority of the nachos are bare, and while it wasn’t a problem getting a topping or two onto them, there was definitely hardly any cheese. And for 8 bucks, even at half price on a Saturday, they don’t quite cut the muster. If they had ample cheese, and let’s face it cheese is the most important ingredient in any pile of nachos, I’d reconsider. But they don’t!

2 golden nachos out of 5

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