Work Weirdos – Vol. 1

Work weirdos. We all have them. And let me just tell you, my place of employment is full of weirdos. One such weirdo I have dubbed Toothbrush Guy.

toothbrush I typically run into Toothbrush Guy when I’m in the bathroom – where he brushes his teeth, several times a day. Like, four or more. This guy brushes his teeth enough times a day that he actually smells like toothpaste. See this picture over here? It’s his toothbrush. He will typically leave it on the sink, complete with toothpaste, and leave the bathroom to let it ….ripen? until he comes back later to brush his teeth (again). I have no idea. All I know is: it’s weird and he’s weird.
Oh, Work Weirdos. When will you learn?
(if you have any work weirdos you’d like to report, email me and I will post them – anonymously of course)

7 thoughts on “Work Weirdos – Vol. 1

  1. There is a guy in my office who will use the middle (of 3) urinal regardless of who is already at one. and then he will proceed to fart repeatedly and loudly.

    1. So basically, he’s a middle aged man? That seems to be a common thing among the fat middle aged set – loudly saddling up to a urinal and coughing, hacking, farting and possibly dancing a jig while using a urinal.

  2. We used to take note of the “gentlemen” who used the toilets and urinals and then left the bathroom without washing their hands. They didn’t get any high-fives from me.

  3. A buddy of mine had a work weirdo who is possibly the weirdest I’ve heard of. Apparently this guy would, several times a day, go to the Men’s room, enter a stall, take off his shirt, and moan while pooping. Everyone’s first reaction to the story is that he’s a chronic masturbator, but apparently the plops were audible.

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