The wonders of thrift shopping – Volume 2

The most recent trip to Goodwill has been a barn burner. I came dangerously close to purchasing a painting of Dave Matthews.

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8 thoughts on “The wonders of thrift shopping – Volume 2

  1. Wow. Gonna have to check out that apparent gold mine of crap.

    A favorite thrift-shopping location for Anna and I is the Village Thrift store at 790 W. North Ave. No, it’s not a VALUE Village, but it’s huge…and with so much quantity, you’re bound to find SOMETHING of use/value/amusement/ridicule. Oh, and here’s the best part…everything is 50% off every Saturday and Sunday. You should see the mob outside the doors just before they open on Saturday.

    1. there’s another value village out in irvington that’s just about that large, and another salvation army with an “as-is” warehouse over on washington blvd. – both are goldmines as far as junk goes and I plan on having some sort of group trip to several of these places in the near future (I’ll make some sort of announcement about that)

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