New Section – Mealtime

I love to eat. Who doesn’t? And recently I’ve been finding that I also enjoy documenting what I eat – being that every mobile phone has a camera rammed into it, I can quickly snap a picture of what I’m eating, jot down how much it costs and where I got it, and take mental notes on whether it’s good or not. Now and forever more, I will share these glorious bits of informationaries with you all. The format will be as such: What it is, where I got it, how much it costs, and a brief paragraph about whether it was good at all.

For example…

pulled pork bbq What: Southern Maryland Pulled Pork BBQ sandwich

Where: Gertrude’s (10 Art Museum Drive)

How Much: $10 – LUNCH ONLY 12pm-3pm

Synopsis: Filling, tangy, really really good. The bottom bun got soggy so I couldn’t pick it up. Fortunately forks still function in today’s society and I ate it that way. Came with pasta salad (or slaw) and fries.

(If you’d like to submit your own mealtime entry, follow those simple guidelines and email me!)

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