NachoQuest – ALPHA

Mankind has always endeavored upon the noblest of causes: clean burning energy, environmental protection, penis enlargement creams, breast enlargement creams, that kind of thing. Today I announce my intent to contribute my services to the pantheon of Makind’s legacy and discover once and forever – where can Baltimore’s best nachos be found

Truly this is a noble cause, as nachos are quite simply the raddest bar food imaginable. Cheesy, sloppy, piping hot nachos with jalapenos, meat, lettuce tomato and 76 kinds of cheese are the stuff that the most mouthwatering dreams are made of. And the internet may provide a few answers here and there, people may tell you anecdotes about how rockin’ the nachos were over at Holy Frijoles, but I’m a PhD in Nachoology and I am more than utterly qualified to decide which nachos served in Baltimore are the best.


Now, this is going to take some time. I cannot possible eat ten plates of nachos over the course of a single weekend, and I will require suggestions from you dear readers. So if you think you know where the best nachos in Baltimore are served, please feel free to suggest it via email or commentation. Otherwise, hold onto your butts kids. It’s NachoQuest.