Nacho Quest – The Nacho Manifesto

After a mere 24 hours of attempting to scientifically determine who has the greatest nachos in the Baltimore area, it has become apparent that a number of qualities, exceptions, and/or ground need to be established as to what will and will most certainly not win points in the “Yeah these are good nachos” column. Obviously a stringent set of Nacho Laws must be a living, breathing work in process; given that, I present the beginnings of what will be the gold standard by which all nachos are judged.


  1. The base of the nachos must be chips – it can be any kind of corn chip, soy chip, or god forbid root vegetable chip. Despite their high level of awesomeness, waffle fries with nacho toppings are still just cheese fries with vegetables.
  2. The chips absolutely must have toppings other than just cheese – movie nachos are not real nachos.
  3. If the establishment in question issues the practice of presenting a huge pile of nachos with a layer of toppings ONLY on the top with a core of untouched chips, more than likely they will not make the cut in terms of quality.
  4. Despite the fact that meat is undoubtedly capable of making a plate of nachos truly special, it is not a necessity. Totally rockin’ nachos can stand on their own with the perfect blend of cheeses, jalapenos, pico and whatever other toppings the artisan deems worthy.

…more to come. like I said, living breathing work in process.

1 thought on “Nacho Quest – The Nacho Manifesto

  1. Yes! These guidelines are stellar! I am very excited to hear about the best nachos in the city. Because then I will eat them.

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