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Behold as the tragically hilarious guest poster Lee of The Jackal’s Den bestows upon us his thoughts and feelings on this past Saturday’s vodka infusion festival (my own material will be posted when I get my hands on some pictures of it):

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Getting Awesome With Awesome Vodka

When you get awesome the way Jackals get awesome you tend to know people who do awesome things. Evan “Strike List” [redacted] does awesome things, namely make awesome vodka infusions.

Photobucket $20 all you can drink vodka’s and mixers as well as a buffet (the meatballs were the fucking bomb). In the interest of full disclosure I was still feeling the effects of how awesome we got Friday night when we (Heather, Beth and I, DC Representing in BMore two saturdays in a row. respect that!) arrived for the 2:30 pm tasting but I fought through it like Butch fighting through pride fucking with him if he chose to do that instead of fucking over Marcellus in a most Jackal way, but I digress…

The menu of vodkas went something like this:

  • Peanut Butter Vodka
  • Lemon and Grape Vodka
  • Bacon Vodka
  • Coffee and Caramel (it was awesome. like van goghs but not as sweet. if van goghs is a white chocolate mocha this was espresso. damn that was GAF, but i’ll just keep it moving to the KIM)
  • Cucumber and Jasmine Vodka
  • Pickletini (fuck pickles fuck them in their nasty ears. i even had my pickle hate t shirt on in protest)
  • Cherry and Lime Vodka
  • Lemon and Ginger Vodka
  • Rosemary and Garlic Vodka

I started out as any red blooded MerCan would with the Bacon. Damn did that shit taste like Bacon. I mean really taste like Bacon. Big time. I had it on the rocks for a bit and felt like it really needed some horseradish (note to Evan, make Bacon Horseradish Vodka and sell it to me). Not wanting to be a pain in the ass I settled for adding some Tabasco. It was good when I had one of my awesome ideas. What if I made a screwdriver out of this? I mentioned the idea and was met with 5 or 6 “what the fuck” looks but the bartender was feeling my genius. He topped me of with OJ and The Breakfast of Champions shot was born. It basically tasted like you took a bite of awesome breakfast sandwich and then a sip of your OJ all in one awesome alcoholic beverage.

Next up was the peanut butter vodka. Damn that shit tasted like peanut butter and was awesome. This was hands down the most popular vodka at the tasting. People were mixing it with Baileys, making awesome white russians with it, we dropped it into Guinness and did car bombs, mixing it with the coffee one. It rocked. I even rocked it out with some 100 poof peppermint schnapps and made a Girl Scout Leader. Photobucket

Moving right along I tore into the Lemon and Ginger and mixed that bad boy with Blue Moon to make a Fancy Poison. If you’ve had Poison it was exactly the same but with good vodka and better beer.

We also tried the Lemon and Grape with an IPA but it wasn’t as good as fancy Poison, way too bitter.

The champion of the stand alone vodkas however was the Rosemary and Garlic. That shit was good. Really fucking good. The other vodkas had stronger flavors but this one was just smooth as all get out and made me want lamb something fierce. Now that I think about it I was a good 6 or 7 vodkas deep when I tasted it so perhaps I should try it again when sober but I am 99% sure, ok make that 79% sure it still would be my favorite. As for the mixed drink that goes with this awesome vodka, Lambtini = ground lamb and Rosemary and Garlic vodka.

So all in all the vodkas were quite awesome and the event was quite fun. As an added bonus I got nice and drunk before 5pm which is always fun. The only negative thing I have to say about the entire thing is that The Wiz and Steven didn’t show up with basically makes them GAF.

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