“We” are “Baltimore”

Local TV news team spots have always been cheesy. Cheesy, to the point that they’re almost unbearable but you kind of like them anyway, like that classic Bob Turk promo to the tune of “My Girl”. But at some point, some point, they just started going beyond cheesy, and got lame as all getout.

But this “We are Baltimore” thing by WBFF is a bit…. lame as all getout. It’s literally like someone at WBFF was like “OK go drive around downtown ONLY DOWNTOWN and shoot some video, put it to Ellen Cherry’s song about Baltimore.”

Yeahhhhh you know you have to see it (if you haven’t already). So watch it. Also the dude at about 0:33 – lol

So essentially Baltimore consists of Camden Yards, Hampden, Fells Point, the Inner Harbor, Fort McHenry, Mt. Vernon, Greektown, Woodberry, Lexington Market (did I leave any out?), and 3 black people. Oh and the Fox 45 news team. That reminds me, I should go to Lexington Market this weekend – love those Berger Cookies!!

Explore all that "We" have to offer!!
Explore all that "We" have to offer!!

5 thoughts on ““We” are “Baltimore”

  1. My only issue with that commercial is the song. OH.MY.GOD, annoying. She sounds like she is strangling cats.

    I expect local cheese in those types of commercials, I don’t expect the screams of a thousand Banshees calling out my city’s name, heralding Baltimore’s death.

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