The Fort Avenue Snuggie bar crawl recap

(Dr. Sam Sessa has graciously printed this recap in his wicked popular blog Midnight Sun, as hosted by The Baltimore Sun)

Let it be known that the Snuggie Bar Crawl may or may not have been the best bar crawl in Baltimore history, but it was certainly the best bar crawl that Fort Avenue has ever bore witness to. I even remember seeing dozens and dozens of “Attending” RSVPs on Facebook shortly before the event and thinking “Damn, this could be the best bar crawl Fort Avenue has ever born witness to.” And by the time everyone arrived at Captain Larry’s it looked like it was pretty much inevitable. There were at least 60 people crowded into Larry’s and additional people crammed into Rafters across the street, traffic literally began slowing on Fort Ave. to catch glimpses of the Cult of Blue as they assembled a horde to take a group picture.

Everything went smoothly and according to expectation; drinking, revelry, making endless Snuggie jokes, the usual. Everyone was having a pretty great time, mingling and socializing from bar to bar (some of which seemed pretty overwhelmed by a fleet of Snuggies invading their place of business). Things started to get especially interesting once we hit the fifth bar or so, as folks started getting pretty lit up and began to resemble drunken wizards wandering around the streets in small groups, rather than a larger group of bar goers who could justify looking so ridiculous on a Saturday afternoon – and as far as I could tell only about a quarter of the bar goers made it past the fifth or sixth location.

Regardless, the crawl maintained its “total blast” status well until the very end, even after the regulars at the smaller places gave us the stink eye and vacated, even when the more imbibed folks started shedding their Snuggies like the itchiest burlap sacks and opted for cheese steaks instead, and especially when there were only a few of us left belting out karaoke at Paul’s – a time during which I discovered Midnight Sun enthusiast BA has Golden Pipes. His Elvis is like, to die for!

Congrats to the crew at Captain Larry’s for pulling off a great time.


1. The arrival of Mr. Zink in his “SnugWow” – a Snuggie wrapped in Shamwows. We used him to mop up many spills.
2. The presence of a friend of mine at Don’t Know who was attempting to buy 125 Long Island Ice Teas over the course of the day from 10am till close – and he did it.
3. A group of girls who decided that they should be Dark Jedis rather than people in snuggies and wore Darth Vader masks.
4. Let’s just say people get slightly more perverted when Snuggies and alcohol are involved. Yikes
5. The pure, distilled surreal droplets that came out of hanging out in Southside Saloon and drinking Bud ponies with 20 people in Snuggies.

(pictures on Captain Larry’s Facebook page)

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